Optical ODM and OEM

OMEC Medical is an exciting, innovative life science and medical company.


In 2020, OMEC was spun out of our highly successful Foreal Spectrum business that is well-known for development and commercialization of optimized light and optics products and modules. 

Flow Cytometer Optical Subsystem

Flow Cytometry

Flow Cytometry Diagram

Optical Design + Filters + Modules + IP

  • ODM & OEM is combined with your end-product DFM in mind

  • LEDs and Laser Diodes + Fiber + Filters + Optics + Sensor Integration

  • Concept-to-Prototype-to-Commercialization

  • Vertically integrated in-house solutions from components to modules to products

  • Shortened product cycle to get you to market sooner

  • Reduced R&D and overall system costs

  • Increased system and individual component performance

Fluorescence Filter Cube

Fluorescence Filter Cube

Fluorescence Filter Cube Schematic
fluoresence filter set.png

Light and Optical Simulation + Module + Components + IP



Endoscope Schematic

Optical & Illumination Design + Commercialization + IP

M2000 LED light source.png

Laser or LED Light Source

CAD Design.png

CAD + Light Engines + Illuminators + IP