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OMEC Qingdao
OMEC Medical San Jose

OMEC Medical Technology of Qingdao has been manufacturing products for the medical field since 2007, and has a successful track record of designing and commercializing light sources, endoscopes, and laparoscopes. For many of these products, OMEC partners with industry leaders and these partnerships have proven to be lucrative for all companies involved. In 2021, OMEC Medical Technology opened a new manufacturing plant, in Reno, NV.

OMEC Medical is a USA subdivision of OMEC Medical Technology, based in San Jose, CA, and is focused on the development and manufacturing of life science instrumentation. Currently, OMEC Medical is developing fluorometers and PCR products for launch in 2024.

OMEC Medical Technology and OMEC Medical Inc. are wholly owned by NovelBeam Technology Co. Ltd, which is listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange.

Mission and Values


OMEC's mission is to provide customers with essential, innovative, and easy-to-use instrumentation in the fields of life science and medical. 

Value Proposition

OMEC supplies high quality products with advanced functionality that leverage our proven in-house creativity and expertise with optical instrumentation design and commercialization.


Individuals who have experience in medical or life science products are encouraged to submit a resume to

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Optimizing Light and Optics for Medical and Life Sciences

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