About Us

OMEC Medical is an exciting innovative life science & medical company.


In 2020, OMEC was spun out of our highly successful Foreal Spectrum business that is well-known for development and commercialization of optimized light and optics products and modules.

We provide innovative ODM and OEM capabilities that leverage and optimize light and optics for life science products.


OMEC offers ongoing repair support to endoscopes and light engines as well as laser welding and soldering services.

Mission and Values


OMEC's mission is to provide customers with essential, innovative, and easy-to-use instrumentation in the fields of life science and medical. 

Value Proposition

OMEC supplies high quality products with advanced functionality that leverage our proven in-house creativity and expertise with optical instrumentation design and commercialization.

Conferences and Trade Shows

Check back for our next trade show! 

Press Releases