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Optimization of Nucleic Acid Gel Illumination

OMEC Medical partnered with the fluorescence reagent industry leader Biotium, to optimize the performance of the Gel-Bright™.

The new and improved Gel-Bright™ Laser Diode Gel Illuminator features a novel laser diode illumination technology from OMEC Medical. Researchers will now be able to analyze their fluorescently stained nucleic acids with greater sensitivity.

The optical customization was used to improve the visual contrast of the red and green nucleic acid gel stains, such as GelRed® and GelGreen®.

Gel-Bright™ improved contrast with green laser diodes (right) vs. with blue LEDs (left). Both with Biotium’s GelGreen® stain.

The new Gel-Bright’s visual contrast is comparable to the UV illuminators on the market, yet is safer for researchers’ eyes and skin. Students, professors, or PI’s who may be using these illuminators in their biomedical labs will no longer be exposed to harmful UV rays. UV is understood to be more effective for visualization than traditional blue LEDs, but OMEC Medical’s green laser diodes now offer researchers the best contrast using a safer light source for longer visualization and analysis.

See the comparison of different gel stains below for GelGreen®, GelRed®, and Oxazole Gold®.

Gel-Bright™ is a trademark of Biotium. GelRed® and GelGreen® are registered trademarks of Biotium. SYBR is a registered trademark of Thermo Fisher Scientific.

For more information on the Biotium’s Gel-Bright™ Laser Diode Gel Illuminator and Gel Stains visit the following pages at

Product Page:

Technology Page:

To check out more of OMEC Medical’s OEM capabilities, visit OMEC Medical’s OEM page, or inquire by email for more info

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