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The Fluorometer is an indispensable tool for life science labs. It is designed to accurately measure the concentration of DNA, RNA, and proteins in a sample. Its fluorescence-based assays are highly sensitive and precise, making it the perfect choice for precise measurements. The user-friendly interface and intuitive software make it easy to set up and use, allowing for fast and reliable results. With the Fluorometer, laboratories can obtain the most accurate and reliable results with minimal effort.


Technical Specifications:

Dynamic range: 5 orders of magnitude 

Processing time: ≤5 seconds/sample 

Light sources: Blue LED (max ~470 nm) Red LED (max ~635 nm) 

Excitation filters: Blue 430–495 nm Red 600–645 nm 

Emission filters: Green 510–580 nm Red 665–720 nm 

Detectors: Photodiodes; measurement capability from 300–1000 nm 

Calibration type: 2- or 3-point standard 

Tube type: 0.5-mL Real Time PCR (polypropylene) tubes



Precise Quantification 


Fast, easy-to-use with high sensitivity and specificity. The perfect bench top fluorometer for quick and accurate nucleic acid or protein quantification.  This fluorometer combines simplicity, ease of use, and powerful features to provide a hassle-free and efficient fluorescence measurement experience.  


Simple to Learn. Fast Results.


Designed with researchers in mind, it offers intuitive operation, versatility, accuracy, and portability, making it the perfect companion for your scientific endeavors.

Results in 2 seconds. 


4 Fluorescent Channels





375 nm

435 - 485 nm


470 nm

514- 567 nm 


525 nm 

565 - 650 nm


635 nm 

665 - 740 nm



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