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Laser Welding

Video courtesy of LaserStar

  • Medical device & aerospace spot welding & seam welding

  • Sapphires used as medical instrument windows - Joints are autoclavable & helium leak tested

  • 150W Fiber Laser, 1070nm, M2 2-15, pulse & CW, stereo microscope

  • X, Y, Z, rotary NC controller

  • Pulse length 0.2-50ms, pulse frequency 0.5-20Hz, pulse burst 1-25, beam Ø >25μ

  • Stainless steel, mild steels, Ni & Ni alloys, Al & Al alloys, Au, Ag, Pt, etc


Photo courtesy of LaserStar

Sapphire window metal coating and solder

Sapphire windows in holders,

metal plated and soldered together

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