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IBS Coating Machines

IBS & Metal Coatings

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Ion-Beam Sputtering (IBS) for WDM in the 1990’s

  • Invented & commercialized by our team enabling broadband.  Adapted and improved for medical, life science, and laser applications


Other coating machine technologies in our affiliated companies include:

  • Ion Beam Assisted Deposition (IAD)

  • Magnetron Sputtering (MS)

  • Electron Beam Evaporation (E-beam)

Our coating engineers have international doctorate knowledge base and 100+ years of combined professional experience in global public & private optical companies.

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  • Highest Transmission/Reflection

  • Steepest Slopes

  • No Wavelength Shift w/ Temperature or Humidity

  • Precise CWL Accuracy

  • High OD Blocking

  • Very Low Scattered Light

  • Single Substrate /no Adhesive

  • Repeatable Lot-to-Lot

IBS Coated Filter Examples

IBS Anti-Reflection (AR) Coatings

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