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Artificial Intelligence in Medicine

Whether we know it or not, artificial intelligence (AI) is already involved in many of our online tasks such as shopping, searching, and emailing. There is no stopping the future of AI involvement in our everyday lives.

How Is AI Being Used In Medicine?

In medicine, clinicians and researchers are utilizing the power of AI to help quickly and effectively diagnose more patients, facilitating treatment of diseases that could have otherwise gone unnoticed.

Machine learning is when a computer algorithm is taught to look for patterns. These patterns are extremely helpful to new doctors with less experience. For instance, machines are being taught to find patterns in images that are known to be cancerous. This diagnosis is helpful for even the smallest of patterns that are beginning to arise but may not be able to be seen quite yet, even by an experienced doctor.

“The fundamental power of artificial intelligence lies within the ability to systematically amass, sort and categorize the vast amount of data the technology outputs.” (

Deep Learning is when the computer not only recognizes a pattern on an image, but also processes it, classifies it, and distinguishes it; similar to how a human brain processes images seen. With enough data to teach the AI what is lung cancer on CT Scans, AI deep learning is distinguishing what is and is not cancer; helping solve disputes between doctors who are looking at the same scan but have differing opinions.

Could Artificial Intelligence Replace Doctors?

AI is already being used in fields like radiology, pathology, gastrointestinal, and ophthalmology for visualization, diagnosis and decision-making.

But, AI has its pros and cons. AI makes doctors more efficient, giving them more data to make better decisions, and helping diagnose and predict disease before it progresses. However, with insufficient data or incorrect algorithms, AI may issue false positives based on the image patterns, the type of image, and where the image was taken.

There is still work to be done to optimize artificial intelligence to help doctors with visualization, diagnosis and treatment of disease. OMEC Medical is developing life science instrumentation and software to facilitate doctors in their work.

Stay tuned for upcoming product releases!


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