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Gel Box Illuminator

Optimized for Both GREEN & RED Dyes

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The Gel Box Illuminator is a lightweight, non-UV lightbox for detection and evaluation of fluorescently labeled nucleic acids and proteins, after electrophoresis. This product possesses novel features enabling imaging performance superior to that of LED illuminators on the market.

  • BOTH Green & Red Fluorescent Dyes excitation are optimized using our innovative light and optical design

  • Clear and easy visualization of dyes

  • Broad dye compatibility

  • Proprietary light source array provides even illumination and excitation through the gels

  • Safety interlock prevents illumination if amber filter and gel tray are not in place

  • Safe alternative to UV transilluminators because of damage to eyes or skin

  • No UV means there is no induced crosslinking or photo-nicking of DNA

  • Adjustable light intensity

  • Signal to Noise ratio improvement and background elimination with optimized amber filter

  • Multi-hinged amber filter provides easy access to gel processes such as band excision

  • Easy photographing of gel results with camera or cell phone

  • Small Size:W x D x H = 8 x 10 x 5 inches (20 x 25 x 12 cm)

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