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QFM Fluorometer by OMEC: 
The Fluorometer of the Future of Life Science

OMEC’s QFM Fluorometer measures the amount of fluorescent light emitted from a genetic sample. It is robust enough to measure DNA, RNA, or protein samples at different wavelengths by LED lighting. The small and sleek design is sure to please researchers with limited benchtop space. Researchers in genomics, biology, R&D, and their teams of research associates and lab managers will all appreciate compatibility with popular assays already in their labs. 

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Join researchers across the country using QFM

Precision Protein Measurement:

You can measure precisely what you need, without extra sample purification or concentration even if the sample has a mixture of proteins. 

Accuracy of Blue and Red Wavelenghts

Broad wavelength ranges allow for accuracy of the smallest samples

Speed: 5 seconds per sample

Do more in the lab, save time with easy to read data charts, save results, and upload seamlessly.

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