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 Fluorometer Quick User Guide



  • Use only the power supply provided with the instrument.

Basic Operation

DNA/RNA concentration measurement mode
  1. Insert the standard (200 µL or 210 µL in a thin walled PCR tube) into the sample holder and close the lid.

  2. Measure at least one replicate for a minimum of 2 standard concentrations for standard assays using DNA or RNA icons and choose one types, then click Read Standard button, then Read Standard 1 and Read Standard 2 successively.

3. Tap the Read Sample button, slide small round icon to enter the original sample volume, tap ng/µL to choose DNA concentration Unit and quantify a sample using Read tube button.​​

Fluorometer mode
  1. Insert the sample (200 µL or 210 µL in a thin walled PCR tube) into the sample holder and close the lid.

  2. Tap Fluorometer icons, choose Blue or Red channel, then tap Read button.

Data Export

The data can be exported via USB flash drives as .csv files. Insert a USB flash drive into the USB port, it is automatically detected. Tap the Data button on the left bottom corner, slide the right scroll bar, and click one row (for example DNA 2023-5-01) then tap the Read icon at the bottom,  AccuClear, and AccuGreen displayed, you can also click the first row ..\ to go back to data main interface to choose other data files; click one of remaining two rows, and tap the Read icon at the bottom, the detailed data will be displayed, click all the rows you want to export, the chosen rows will be highlighted, then tap the Export button, after data exported, a pop-up window with "Done" will show up. Alternatively, tap the Select All button at the top can choose all data rather than click row by row, you can also tap the Select None button at the top to deselect all data.   ​

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